Friday, November 26, 2021

Thanksgiving Vacation Part Two

Thanksgiving trips to Disney are to celebrate Wesley and Daryl's birthdays. Wesley wanted to ride the swan paddleboat that were at our hotel so we did that first thing after breakfast on Wednesday morning. 

We put all our stuff in the car and checked out and left the car in the lot. Then we walked over to Epcot and rode Figment and the Land boat ride. We even found Winnie the Pooh hanging out on the lawn. 

We walked back to the hotel and got our car and drove over to Disney Springs to have lunch at the House of Blues, which was really delicious! Then we wandered around to look in shops and check out the Christmas decorations. Davis had some gift cards to spend and he found a hat and a stuffed animal that he wanted. 

Parker used some of his money from his job to buy himself a brand new pair of Oakleys - purple camo!

We left Disney about 6:30pm to drive to Seffner and it took almost two hours with holiday traffic around. After we got the car unloaded and the kids situated, Daryl took me up to the church garden. This is where he proposed Thanksgiving Eve 24 years ago. He asked me again and gave me my ring back - it has been broken for the last several months and we were finally able to have it repaired. 

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