Monday, December 27, 2021

Christmas Day

Christmas Day dawned with us in our own house. It was very nice to be able to do this again and have the boys open their stockings at home. This was Davis' first year not believing in Santa Claus - he guessed that the Elf on the Shelf was fake and he connected all the dots from there. Their main gift in stockings was winter gear for our vacation trip to North Carolina - new knit hats, scarves and gloves. 

We left around 8:30am and there was very little traffic so we made it to Grandmommy's in Seffner a little before 10am for Christmas with her and Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dawn, Kayla and Bethany (Micah is overseas in the Navy right now). 

It was a lovely day and the boys (and the grownups!) all seemed to enjoy their presents. I got to try out some of the new allergy free coffee cake I made - cinnamon swirl - delicious!

As we were getting ready for lunch, two of Grandmommy's sisters came over (Aunt Norma and Uncle Don stayed in NC this year). I got them to take a sister picture and use Santa as a stand-in for the fourth sister. Lol! They had a little too much fun as you can see. 

Aunt Diane and Uncle Steve - they just celebrated their 50th anniversary this year. 

Lunch was yummy too. I made a favorite safe stuffing recipe (that comes from a Magic Kingdom restaurant) and a new Maple Glazed Sweet Potato dish. And I was able to eat the turkey, cranberries and green beans that Grandmommy had out too. I had seconds - so I skipped dessert! 

Later on the boys opened up their presents from Granddaddy's side of the family (they gather to celebrate on Christmas Eve and we can never make it because of church). Aunt Barbara and Uncle David are always good for an awesome new set of jammies! 

Our Christmas Day group! 

We made sure to get a picture of the boys with Grandmommy too before we left. 
They are all growing so so fast! 

Thankful for a beautiful relaxing day to be gathered with family and celebrate! 

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