Wednesday, January 5, 2022

NC Vacation - Part Four

Friday in the late morning we got up and headed to Whiteside Mountain for one last hike of the year as a family. This is a two mile loop out to the cliff face, along it and then back through the woods. Seemed like everyone else had the same idea because the parking lot had only one or two spots left. 

The views up at the top are always so pretty! 

I took another neighborhood walk later - to try not to stiffen up from the morning walk! - and it ended up raining while I was out. Seemed fitting that rain was cleansing everything as the last bit of light disappeared from the sky on 2021. 

We stayed up late to ring in the New Year! We brought a New Year's Eve party in a box with us to NC! 

Saturday we slept in. Glorious! After lunch Davis and I explored Narrows Falls nearby. 

And then we hung out at Fairfield Lake one more time. 

At the entrance to our neighborhood we stopped to skip rocks at the River. 

And then the boys requested one last trip to the recreation field - that's the older boys on the basketball court and Davis on the swings! 

We got up early Sunday morning to drive home. We loaded the car during a small break in the rain. That storm followed us home and brought cold weather to Florida. It also brought snow to Sapphire Valley overnight! We missed it by 12 hours! 

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