Tuesday, January 4, 2022

NC Vacation - Part Three

We walked out of the condo on Wednesday morning and saw three deer out in the woods behind the parking lot. Tried to catch a picture but only caught the tail of one. 

This was the only morning we set an alarm clock to get up and it was for a good reason - zip lining! This was the first time that Davis was old enough to go with us in Sapphire. He tried a couple of years ago on spring break in the Dominican Republic but got super scared on the high tower and ended up hanging out at the base while the rest of us zipped. This time he was super nervous beforehand but he ended up loving it! 

Rappelling time - Parker

Rappelling time - Wesley 

Rappelling time - Debbie 

We only got a couple of pictures of Daryl rappelling from the other family that we were zipping with. 

Our guides were Bly and Zack and they helped to put Davis really at ease. We had another family zipping with us too - a dad and his daughters from Ft. Lauderdale. 

The last zip - Debbie 

The last zip - Daryl 

After lunch and a nap, I took another walk around the neighborhood. 

Later Wesley and I went to the recreation field so he could play basketball and we popped by to see the mountain at night as we drove home. 

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