Friday, January 14, 2022

Our Favorite Basketball Player

Wesley made the Carver Middle School basketball team and this week were the first two games of their 10 game season. 

Tuesday night the season kicked off at home against Umatilla. 
Carver won - Final Score - Carver 57, Umatilla 18

Wesley started, sunk a three and had several steals and assists! 

Thursday night was their first away game at Eustis. Eustis is the back-to-back defending county champs. 
The team wore dress clothes to school and to the game and changed into their uniforms during halftime of the girls game played before them. 
Carver lost - Final Score - Eustis 44, Carver 43

This is the Carver principal and some teachers at the game. That's my pink shirt in the top of the picture! 


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