Sunday, January 16, 2022

Parker's Eagle Court of Honor

On Saturday we celebrated Parker's Eagle Scout Court of Honor in the Family Life Center at the church. He earned it in June of 2020 officially, finishing up his project at camp just before Covid struck in March of 2020. We were so grateful for the opportunity to gather together with family, friends and church members to mark this special occasion. And we are so so grateful for all of the scout leaders over the years from Pack 112 and Troop 112 with Druid Hills in Ocala and Troop 143 here at Community who have made such an investment in Parker throughout his Scouting Trail to Eagle. 

Display table 

This Eagle statue was a handmade gift from Grandmommy

Grandmommy made these centerpieces using pieces and they have been used at family Eagle ceremonies for Daryl, Daniel and Micah as well. 

These adorable Eagle cookies were made by Kim Stumbo from our church. Aren't they precious? 

Family came up early to help us set everything up. So grateful for them. 

The Program for the day 

Scoutmaster Rob Parish 

Senior Patrol Leader Casey Nathanson 

Pastor CJ Hill giving the invocation 

Casey and Nathan Larson 

Davis lighting the Scout candle on the Trail 

Wesley lighting the Second Class Candle on the Trail 

Assistant Scoutmaster Scott Larson 

Parker's honor escort was his two cousins, Kayla and Bethany, both of whom are Venture Scouts 

Assistant Scoutmaster Bill Campbell 

Pinning on the Eagle Award 

the Mom of the Eagle award 

Presenting the Bronze Eagle Palm 

Dad of the Eagle award

Grandmommy reading "Our Uniformed Little Boy" poem 

Uncle Daniel giving Parker the Eagle Charge 

Presentation of the Lake District Eagle Neckerchief and Slide from Larry Leuben 

Central Florida Council Eagle Patch 

Troop 143 - Shadowbox Presentation
Scoutmaster Rob Parish makes these amazing boxes for every Eagle Scout in the troop 

Parker chose to give his mentor pin to his Grandaddy Wayne Allen posthumously and presented it to Grandmommy

Parker gave me flowers as a special thank you for helping support him in Scouting 

Daryl gave the closing prayer 

Troop 143 in attendance 

Family - (from left to right) Uncle Sparky, Aunt Barbara, Aunt Jani, Cathy, Grandmommy, Uncle David, Debbie, Parker, Wesley, Daryl, Davis, Uncle Daniel, Kayla, Aunt Dawn, Bethany, Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam. It's cool when you have six great-aunts and great-uncles present! 

When it was all said and done we came back to the house for dinner and to celebrate Uncle Daniel's birthday finally (his birthday is New Year's Eve). 

My Uncle Sparky and his partner Cathy - it was our first time to meet Cathy and she is lovely! 

So many beautiful memories and gifts here! 


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