Sunday, March 6, 2022

Covenant Group Retreat

Thursday night I headed to Seffner to stay with Grandmommy, along with two of my clergy covenant sisters for a covenant group retreat. We had a lovely time away. 

Friday lunch at the Crafty Crab in Brandon

Friday night exploration of the Strawberry Festival - Christy and I grew up going to this but Melissa had never been before, or had a "true" strawberry shortcake. We had an amazing time! And enjoyed Boys II Men in concert as well (blast back to the 90s!) 
Our other covenant sister Latricia was supposed to join us - but her husband was being honored in Tallahassee so we included her picture in this group shot. 

Daryl's cousin Shannon was Strawberry Queen in 2002

Apple fries were my snack! 

And Saturday lunch at this great new Sicilian restaurant in Ybor City. 

When I got home, the dogs whined in my face for a bit, before calming down to rest on/next to me. 

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