Monday, May 23, 2022

A Memorable Graduation

This was Parker on the front porch right before he ran off to graduation. 

The rest of the family met us at the school and waited for almost 90 minutes in the football stadium getting ready for a slightly moved up graduation time (6:30pm instead of 7pm) in the hopes of doing this before the storm rolled in. 

Parker graduated summa cum laude - with highest honors! 

Marching in to his seat in the second row. 

Unfortunatley the storm rolled in with lots of rain and thunder and lightning. The microphone kept cutting out so all we heard was "er Wayne Allen." But we got to watch him walk across the stage!

The rain and lightning kept getting worse. By the time they got to the "H's" we had run for the car and the graduates who had already walked were running for their parking spaces too. This is Parker and his friend Bellamy heading back to the senior lot (her older sister took the first picture). 

At home, we threw everyone's clothes in the dryer and found warm clothes to loan out. We warmed up the shells I had made for dinner (Parker's choice) and then had ice cream cake! 

Next up was gifts - From Grandmommy, Uncle Daniel's crew and also a card from Aunt Norma (Grandmommy's older sister). 

This one was from us - a new Macbook for college. 

The official diploma with the seal for the Nataional Technical Honor Society that Parker was a part of. 

Family pictures at the house. 

Our awesome and amazing graduate. 

The purple sash, purple cords and purple medal are all from the National Technical Honor Society. 
The white ribbon medal is the Principal's Honor Roll Award from School. 
The black and yellow medal is the school medal for all of the graduates. 
The red, white and blue cords signify his Eagle Scout status. 
The yellow cords are for summa cum laude. 
The green cords are for completing the culinary program. 

Since he didn't get to move his tassel or throw his cap, we did that at home. 

It was a wild and crazy night that will make for a lovely funny story someday. 
Parker maintained a beautiful attitude and spirit through it all. 

The proofs we received on Saturday morning from graduation. 

And here's a little perspective for you. Middle school graduation from May 2018 on the left; high school graduation from May 2022 on the right. 

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