Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Middle School Field Trips

The last time I can remember being in Busch Gardens was the summer of 1996 with my mom. They were having some big kind of festival celebrating the Summer Olympics (which were being held in Atlanta that summer).  Busch Gardens is smack in between where I went to high school (1 mile south) and where I went to college (2 miles north). You can see some of the buildings at USF from different parts of the park. Today I went back with Davis for his 6th grade end of year field trip. It was his first time in the park. 

This was our sweet group of 5 kids. It was so much fun to see Davis interacted with friends and really enjoying himself. 

The kids liked the animals all around the park. 

They also liked coasters. They rode Cheetah Hunt twice. Davis discovered he didn't have to be scared of upside down coasters. Later, Davis and Jayden rode the newest, fastest upside down coaster, Iron Gwazi. 

It was a hot but good day. Glad we got to share this time together. 

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