Monday, June 13, 2022

Annual Conference

This past week was Annual Conference in person in Lakeland from Wednesday through Saturday. 
In between meetings on Wednesday I ran over to Barnett Family Park in downtown to walk their labyrinth. This one is unusual as it is shaped like an octogon and features Florida flora and fauna throughout. 

On Thursday we voted in clergy session to approve the work of the BOM to license/commission/ordain pastors for ministry. Unfortunately, the clergy session could not reach the 75% threshold needed to commission our provisional elders (11) and deacons (5). And so no one was commissioned this year. We held a moment of silence in the worship service on Saturday for them and left robes over the chairs where they would have sat. 

One of the great joys of the week was seeing our friend from Community, Joey Landstedt, up on stage with the worship team leading music throughout the conference! 

On Friday I helped another DS organize the 5k when the original organizers (and dear friends of mine) could not be present. We had a small group, but a beautiful time out around Lake Hollingsworth. 

My friends CJ and Dora volunteered to get up with me at 5:30am to help with the 5k! So grateful!

On Saturday morning all of the appointments were fixed for the upcoming year and I knelt at the altar rail on behalf of all the laity and clergy of the Southwest District as their new Superintendent. 


And then the ordination service and some of the pictures from that time and celebrating with friends afterwards. 

Tamara (center) and I began candidacy together in 1997. She became the first Haitian woman ordained in our conference this week! 

With my bestie Christie and students and supporters of her FGCU Wesley ministry. 

We were missing Latricia who left early for a wedding - but thankful for Christy and Melissa. 

And while we were away, Wesley and Davis hung out with Grandmommy. Wesley got to go with Daniel's crew on their long hikes with the dogs. 

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