Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Davis Surgery

Davis had his 10th surgery this Monday. This one was lip revision surgery. When Davis had his initial surgery, the surgeons created quite a flap of extra skin on the back of his upper lip in case it was ever needed. While it has been good for growth and expansion, it was time to come off. This flap kept laying on Davis' front teeth and keeping them moist which was continuing to cause cavity issues. And Davis has been sensitive about the shape of his lip for a while now and was hopeful for this surgery to be done before starting his new school in August. Baba took him down to Arnold Palmer at 10:30am for a noon surgery. 

Davis in pre-op. 

Getting all hooked up and ready to go! 

Surgery was less than an hour and went extremely well. Dr. Golden was very pleased with the results. Here Davis is trying to wake up in the recovery room. 

Davis did so well in fact that Dr. Golden decided he did not need to spend the night and he and Baba were home shortly after 6:00pm. He'll be a little swollen for the first few days and needs to stick with some soft foods. But out of all his recoveries, this one should be the easiest. We're so grateful! 


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