Monday, August 1, 2022

Lake Junaluska

I spent last week at Lake Junaluska, the Southeastern Jurisdiction Camp and Retreat Center in North Carolina about an hour outside of Asheville. It's been 20 years since I was last there for a clergywomen consultation. I flew out of Sarasota airport at sunup on a Sunday and made it to Lake Junaluska by 2pm. 

I was there for District Superintendent training with 60 others from around the country - as far away as Alaska, California, Arizona, Wisconsin and Maine. This is where the Southeastern Jurisdiction meets every four years to elect new bishops - I'll be back here as a delegate for that in early November. The place is gorgeous and there is a labyrinth!

Jenn is from West Ohio - we're the same age and 
she also has 3 kids. 

I made a quick trip to my favorite grocery store for allergy friendly snacks.

The walk around the lake is almost 3 miles. There is this cool one lane bridge over the dam that is on one side of the lake. 

These flowers near the lake were beautiful and so large. Not quite sure what they were. 

The cross is at the top of Inspiration Point over the lake. 


Tuesday night I drove southwest for an hour to my favorite spot in Sapphire and sat for a couple of hours watching the sun set on Old Bald at Fairfield Lake. 

Thursday night I went for a walk and explored the Susannah Wesley Garden next to the hotel. I got to see fireflies!!! 

On my last day, I walked the labyrinth again and I had company - a flock of Canadian geese. 

And this is my coaching group from the week. We are from Maine, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee and Oklahoma. 

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