Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Vacation Part One

It's a little weird to go on vacation in the town that you live in now, but going to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota has been a part of our summer routine for our whole married life and most of Daryl's life. We switched this year to Horizon West, about five condos north of where we usually stay. And we have been so impressed with the difference in everything - the level of hospitality, the amenities (beachside pool!) and the quality of the other clientele. Definitely plan to be back here again next year. 

That's our unit lit up white - two floors up from the pool in the middle. 

When you vacation in the same town as your hometown, it means taking a day to do some of the school things you need to. A lot of Monday was spent taking Davis to pickup his school schedules at Sarasota Middle.....

Taking Wesley to Freshman orientation at Riverview High School..... 

And we took Parker to get the address changed on his driver's license before he heads off to college in a few weeks. It's been awesome to have him home with us - he got to the beach on Sunday afternoon after 7.5 weeks away at Warren Willis Camp as a counselor. 


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