Tuesday, September 27, 2022

And Then the World Shifts - Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is headed to Florida. For a few days the track put the storm into Tampa. Then it shifted into Venice and Sarasota. We prepped and prepared the house as best we could. This parsonage came equipped with storm shutters all the way around - plexiglass ones for the front of the house, steel shutters on the sides of the house, and giant tarps to close in the back lanai. Parker came home from FSC to help and to hunker down with us. 

The view from inside the house through the tarps out to the pool. 

The view from the house from a window covered with the steel shutters. 

And we've got the hurricane bars latched down bracing in the two car garage door. And we made space for Parker's car in the garage too. 

The storm path has shifted south again. More towards Englewood for now. 

We're ready. Just watching and waiting and praying. 

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