Sunday, October 2, 2022

Waiting out the Storm

Wednesday we woke up to howling wind at 5am. It just got louder and heavier throughout the day. 

By 2pm we had no power. At 3pm we got a warning about life threatening wind and we all wnet into the master bedroom - pets too - to wait it out. And then we lost cell signal. The winds and rain were bad and we had no idea where the storm was. We tried to nap and read but it was stressful. 

We went to sleep Wednesday night not knowing what was hapening still. At 2:30am on Thursday morning I sat straight up in bed and reazlied that the wind sound was gone. Cell signal came back weekly. Still no power. We ended up packing up and camping in the district office for the day because it had signal and more importantly - power and AC. 

We ended up with some water damage in the house. This came up through the floor in and ruing some of the boards in the dining room. 

We also lost a couple of the screens on our pool cage. 

This is some of the damage in our neighborhood. Our side had very little damage - this if mainly from the other side of the block. 

Parker and Wesley helped Daryl take down all the hurricane shutters on Friday and clean up the yard debris. This is a much tinier pile than we had for Irma. 

Our boy went back to FSC on Sunday afternoon. It was good to have him home for several days, even if it was because of a storm. 


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