Monday, September 5, 2022

Labor Day Weekend

Friday Daryl and I window shopped in St. Armand's Circle (got lunch at Cha Cha Coconuts!) and drove all around Lido Key and Longboat Key just seeing how things have changed since we were kids. 
We ended up at Siesta Key public beach and spent some time enjoying the sound of the waves - ended up napping on a blanket from the car. 

Saturday we spent with the Hills at Typhoon Lagoon. Definitely enjoying having added the water parks to our passes this year so we can still Disney on the weekends when we can't get into a regular park. And it's always so much more fun to Disney with good friends! 

Davis went home with them and spent the night in Auburndale before Amy brought him back late Sunday afternoon. These two are the bestest of buds. 

Sunday morning it was just Wesley and Daryl and I for church. Wesley and I joined Daryl for the 11am worship service at Grace - and I sang a solo so people could get to know me a bit.  I am according to one woman who approached me after worship, "the elusive preacher's wife." That's what you get when your spouse is also clergy and traveling around the district. 

We stopped just off the island for lunch at Pinchers which was great - their fresh blue crab was wonderful. 

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing at home and enjoying our pool. 


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