Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Christmas Break in Chicago - Part One

We were set to leave Tampa airport at 9:30am on the day after Christmas and fly to Chicago. Except we booked Southwest. And their airline imploded with holiday travel. We sat at our gate, watching our plane and the luggage on the cart outside for 12+ hours. Our flight was at one point cancelled and then the pilot called the FAA and the tower to reinstate the flight. We took off after 9pm. 

We arrived at O'Hare around 11pm their time. Their holiday decorations were cool. Navigated getting our bags - they all arrived thank God! - and walking past the hundreds of people stranded in the airport terminals and sleeping on the floors. Made our way to the train station to take to our VRBO and the O'Hare station was closed. So we took a bus to the next station (Rosemont) and then caught the blue train to our stop Western, arriving about about 1:30am. Then we walked the 2.5 blocks south to uur VRBO and settled in. 

Our VRBO is on W. Harrison Street in the Tri-Taylor neighborhood. This is the western part of South Side Chicago. It's all cute rowhouses and we have the third floor apartment. There's no elevator in the building so we get our exercise with the stairs. Here's a few pictures of the apartment from the VRBO site. Daryl and I had the master bedroom and bath. Parker took the other bedroom and Wesley and Davis spread out on the giant L-shaped couch in the living room. 

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