Thursday, December 29, 2022

Christmas Break in Chicago - Part Two

Our first full day in Chicago was Tuesday. We slept in and slowly got up and got moving. This was the view out the living room window from the apartment. 

And here was the view from our back porch. There's a park on the block behind us. 

We walked a few blocks south to Taylor street and found this awesome Caribbean restaurant that has appeared on the Food Network. The food was simply amazing. I do better eating food from other countries  because they often use less of the things I'm allergic to (gluten, soy, vinegar, dairy....) I had curried and jerk chicken with rice and veggies. Davis had these awesome wings which were actually spicy enough for him - he struggles to find anything made to the spice level he likes. 

Then we took a Lyft up to Evanston and the campus of Northwestern University. The seminary I am attending for my doctorate, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, is located on Northwestern's campus. Nothing was open but we wandered around outside and Davis got a chance to play in some of the snow that had not been disturbed. If all goes well we will be back in Chicago next October for my graduation. 

Here's the guys huddled on the subway platform under the heaters waiting for the train. The low was 8 degrees and the high was only 25 degrees! 

Our next stop was for the big boys. They wanted to see Wrigley Field. They had no idea there was a Christmas village going on and we were actually able to go out on the field. 

After our visit to the stadium we stopped by a nearby place for the boys to eat - Raising Cane's chicken. 
When we transferred subway stops at Lake later via the medway, Daryl and I discovered that they have built a mall over the medway that was not there the last time we visited the city together (2000). 

When we got back to the apartment, we realized that we had walked 5.60 miles around the city. 

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