Thursday, December 29, 2022

Christmas Break in Chicago - Part Three

We bought the Chicago CityPass to see several different attractions while we are in town and our first reservation was for Shedd Aquarium out on the museum campus, next to Lake Michigan. We took the subway as close as we could and then walked. 

Looking south behind the Field Museum you can see Soldier Field. 

You could still see some of the ice on the lake and the snow drift out there. 

The Shedd Aquarium was great and we also got to watch the 4D movie about sharks. 

Afterwards we walked north through Grant Park up to the Revival Food Hall for dinner. 

Walking past Field Museum

We stopped at four different food stalls inside Revival. Davis got soup and a dosa wrap (Indian). I got curried beef and satay pork (Indonesian). Daryl got amazing Chicago BBQ from BBQ Smoque. And Wesley and Parker went to the same stall and ended up with a shrimp po'boy and philly cheesesteak. Yum!

Back to the subway - headed to the United Center for a Bulls game! Wesley found tickets online for us. He really wanted to go to an NBA game. And the Bulls were playing the Bucks, which is currently the #2 team in the NBA with Giannis. It was a neck and neck game and the Bulls pulled out a tie to force an overtime and then won in overtime. Amazing! 

They had this great Bucket Crew of drummers and a dance off at one point. 

And the crowd went wild when the Bulls tied the game at 106 to force an overtime. 

And then the crowd went even more crazy when the Bulls won in OT! This is the largest capacity NBA stadium in the country and it was packed. There is so much amazing home fan energy here. 

Finally, we visited the Michael Jordan statue in the atrium before leaving the arena. 

Just a short walk and a subway stop away from our apartment. 
This is the skyline downtown heading east from our subway stop. 

A long and fun day together. 
And our walking miles? 8.20 for the day! 

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