Thursday, December 8, 2022

Clergy Gathering

Our first big event of the year in the district was this week. We hosted an Advent themed clergy gathering at Daryl's church, Grace UMC in Venice. It was a wonderful day. Joey came to lead worship and it was so powerful to be in this room full of clergy who could just freely worship without having to plan it or organize it or anticipate what comes next. My friend Christy led a candle liturgy reading and then our friend Sidney Tompkins came and talked to us about processing our stresses that we are carrying after the hurricane as well as the last couple of years. When it came to lunch, we ordered in barbecue and the folks at Daryl's church made sure there were things I could eat. Including their preschool director making me my own special allergy friendly apple dessert. The Christmas present for all of the clergy was what else - a handmade ceramic labyrinth from The Muddy Fork (a clergywoman owned business out of North Georgia). So grateful for the beautiful spirit that was present in the room. 

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