Saturday, April 1, 2023

Defying Gravity - Trapeze School

I watched enough Circus with the Stars as a kid to fantasize about someday flying high. But it never seemed like it would be a reality.  

Then we moved to Sarasota and discovered that one of the premier trapeze schools in the world is located in Venice just around the corner from Daryl's church. This is where the flyers for Cirque de Soleil learn how to fly. Tito Gaona the owner and trainer had a movie made about his circus career a few years ago - The Flight Fantastic. They offer open classes on Wednesday and Friday nights and Saturday mornings. So I signed up for a session. April 1 - not an April Fool's Joke. 

First we practiced on the ground. Here's a video from that. It was a lot harder than I thought - very dead weight without gravity helping here. 

There were about 8 people in the class. Ages 3 to 90! 
I got to go up in the air three different times. 

Here's the videos from the experience. Round #1 

The dismount from the net. 

Flying Round 2 

Flying Round 3 

Goals - Another woman from the class who has done 10 sessions and could work with a partner. Amazing! 

I did it! It was awesome. I didn't get to the knee hang, but I plan to go back and that gives me something to work on in the future. 


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