Sunday, July 9, 2023

Boys at Camp

The boys had a good week at church camp. The middle school worship leader was Nicholas Lee and the high school worship leader was Rafe Vigil - both pastors in my district. They sent some "proof of life" pics home of the kids. 

And the camp photographer captured our boys pics a few times too. 

On Saturday morning we drove up early to pick them up. We got there just as praise time was ending in the Fellowship Hall and ran into some clergy friends. 

We got to see Parker in his element, shepherding high school boys around for pickup. And then we were able to get hugs and love on him a little bit later too. 

The boys with their cabin friends. 

Our annual Allen - Holden family camp picture. 

And before we left town we made sure to stop by the Landstedt's house and get to hug on them for a little bit too! 


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