Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Hrrriance Idalia

 Here's hoping that NOAA gets rid of any "I" names for storms in the future (Irma, Ian, Ida, Idalia.....)

Idalia was just a really long thunderstorm for us - in the district and at the house. Some flooding in downtown Sarasota (Siesta Key and Longboat Key too) and in downtown Bradenton, but northern Florida definitely got the worse end of the deal. 

Parker did come home from college for Tuesday and Wednesday and his brothers were also out of school on those days. Wesley and Davis closed the metal hurricane shutters that we have preinstalled but we did not put up any of the plastic shutters across the front of the house or the screen across the back. We had plenty of snacks and propane for cooking on the grill - but our power flickered once on Tuesday for a few minutes and there were no more disruptions. Our pool almost overflowed, but that was it. 

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