Sunday, December 31, 2023

Christmas Day

We got up on Christmas morning and drove to Seffner to celebrate Christmas with Grandmommy and Daniel's crew. We had a nice low-key day with just the 10 of us (Micah is still on his ship). 

Wesley's big gift was his Grandpa's wedding ring (my dad Rob Keller that he is named for - Wesley Robert). We have to get it resized for him after Christmas. 

I got two Taylor Swift albums - one from Daryl and one from Grandmommy. 

Grateful to be able to spend this time with our family. 
We had lunch and hung out (and napped!) until about 6pm and then we got in the car to head to North Carolina for Christmas break. Our goal for the night was a hotel in Valdosta to break up the trip. 


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