Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Sapphire Valley Hideaway Part Two

Thursday was a trip to Highlands and Cashiers. We went to the Highlands Outpost which was packed and rode the Scaly Screamer (mountain coaster). 

Then we went to downtown Highlands and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant there (Azteca) and walked around for a while. We stopped off on the way home to shop a bit in Cashiers. 

Later Wesley and I walked around a bit by the lake again. 

Friday we tried to ski/tube at Sapphire but all the tickets were sold out for the day by 10:30am. So we spent a little bit of time on the playground and then came back to the condo and walked the lake trail (3.5 miles total). Afterwards we grabbed lunch to go from Mica's in Sapphire. 

Fairfield Falls on the Camp Merrie Woode property 

And from the deck on Friday afternoon we watched the snow flurries! Nothing stuck on the ground but it was fun to watch. 


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