Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Graduation Trip - Chicago Day One

Wednesday night we flew from Tampa to Chicago's Midway Airport for our Graduation trip 

 We stayed in a third floor walk up in Rogers Park, which is right on the border between Chicago and Evanston. The apartment was so spacious and so beautiful.  

On Thursday morning, Parker and I rode the subway and went to pick up my cap and gown. We wandered around Garrett and the Northwestern campus. 

When we got back, we had lunch with the family at Good to Go! Jamaican Restaurant. We had delicious Jamaican food the last time we were here and the boys wanted to try some again.  We told the waiter we were there for my graduation and he brought me a slice of cake to celebrate. 

The beautiful sign in the restaurant. 

Walk along the way back. 

On my way to have dinner with friends I stopped by the UMC in Evanston to walk their labyrinth, but it was not accessible while they were serving dinner from their soup kitchen. What a good problem to have. 

I met some of my DMin cohort in person for the very first time at dinner in Evanston. It was so good to be able to hang out together. 

Judd brought us all tea as a gift from California. 

While I was at dinner, Daryl and the boys went to Wrigley Field for Chicago Cubs game versus the Pirates. I caught up with them later. They discovered Garrett Popcorn from a vending machine and they were super psyched. The Pirates won which made me super happy - my Grandma Washburn grew up near the Pirates stadium and was a die hard fan. 

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