Thursday, May 23, 2024

Graduation Trip - Day Two Graduation Ceremony

Friday dawned pretty early for our family - we needed to be at the school by 7:30am for me to line up.

Daryl helped the boys with their ties when we got to the chapel. Loved the perspective of the difference in height here with Wesley (he's 6'4.25" and growing!) 

The guys found great seats in the Alice Millar Chapel. 

Me in the small chapel as a robing room. I got to spend some more time with my cohort friends who I was graduating with - Sharon and Judd. 

We lined up outside in the courtyard. I was the first graduate for the DMin students - the Doctor of Philosophy students were ahead of us in the line. 

Wearing red shoes for graduation and ordination for clergywomen began here at Garrett with alumni and teacher Rosemary Skinner Keller. This is about us embracing the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) and being brave and claiming authority. 

Our advisor was on sabbatical and not present but the marshall for the DMin students was Professor Mark Teasdale who taught one of our classes. Next to him is Emily Rosales from the DMin Office and we dealt with her a lot by email for support. 

Processing in 

The Miracle Choir was phenomenal! 

The moment of being hooded! 

Afterwards all the professors and faculty lined the courtyard walk to greet graduates as we exited the chapel. 

I received my diploma by mail in October and it is hung up in my office. But I did get the folder and a cute little note inside. 

Walking north from the chapel back up to the seminary building. 

We took some time for a photoshoot up at the seminary campus. I had to give the robe and hood back (rentals) so I wanted a lot of good reminders from the day. 

My friend Sharon took a couple of pictures inside the seminary lobby for us. 

We got an extra picture of the boys by themselves - they were all dressed up and we took advantage! They clean up nicely. 

As we were taking pictures, the bunnies were everywhere on the lawn enjoying themselves. The boys got a kick out of them. The last time we visited in December 2022, there was snow blanketing the ground. 

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