Friday, May 24, 2024

Graduation Trip - Day Two Seeing the Sights

After graduation we went bak to our apartment and changed clothes and headed downtown. We had tickets for a 3pm Architecture River Cruise through downtown Chicago. The last time Daryl and I did this was 2001 with his parents - and they have added several new buildings along the river since then. 

When we got back to Navy Pier, we grabbed dinner at Giardano's. 

We walked from Navy Pier over to Millennium Park in an effort to see the Cloud Gate Statue (the "bean"). We tried on our last trip and that part of the park was closed unless you paid to get in to ice skate. This time we could get in the park but they are repaving all around the statue and had it blocked off. So we glanced through the construction fence. 

We finished up the night by going to Second City for a comedy show. I had been to one several years ago when in town for a clergy conference. Many alumni of Second City go on to be on Saturday Night Live. Everyone enjoyed the sketch comedy and improv - but Davis was in heaven. He loved it and it was so cool to see his reactions as the night went on. 

The next morning we were up early for our flight from Chicago to Buffalo and then home to Tampa. We captured this moment in the Buffalo airport - look at Wesley's long legs there resting on my seat - Daryl couldn't quite get his foot that far! 

So grateful for this bit of time away and to be able to celebrate graduation with friends and especially with Daryl and the boys! 

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