Tuesday, July 9, 2024

25th Anniversary Adventure - Day Eleven

Our last day in Kauai was a "Best of" bus tour. We drove past the town Disney animators used as inspiration for Lila and Stich. 

And then we visited Waimea Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. So lush and beautiful and a waterfall in the distance too. 

More chickens around - this island actually has more than any other island and there were lots of t-shirts for sale with memes about Kauai chickens. 

We drove past another UMC on this island too. 

We made another nature stop along the coastline at another blowhole formation. 

Then we stopped for lunch - they had arranged to rent out this restaurant and setup a special buffet for us at Keoki's Paradise. Then we got a little time to shop in Poipu. 

Our next big stop was a river cruise up the Wailua River, to another famous landmark, the Fern Grotto. 

One the way back to the ship, we visited a Opeaka'u Falls. 

For dinner we dressed up a little bit again to eat in another one of the speciality restaurants on board - Moderno, a Brazilian Steakhouse. 

We sat on our balcony and watched as the ship headed out of port and back to Oahu. 

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