Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Week In Review

It's been another busy week or so in the Allen house and we haven't necessarily had time to update - although we've thought about it several times. So let's play catchup and do a week in review.

Last Friday - Met Grandmommy and Grandaddy with cousin Micah at Citrus Park Mall to eat dinner at Johnny Rockets (yummy!). Then the boys got to ride the carousel with Grandmommy and then run around in the kids play area.

Last Saturday - Clark came to spend the night (and watch the Lightning game) and helped Parker and Daddy rearrange the train set in the living room once again.

Last Sunday - Spent the afternoon and evening with Grandma and Grandpa as well as Uncle Roger and Aunt Mona. It's been two years since Roger and Mona last visited - we went swimming with the manatees then. Aunt Mona made a big impression - she hid in the toy closet at Grandma's and jumped out for a surprise! Parker took it in stride and he followed her around all night. When we ate dinner at the Colonnade, he insisted that Aunt Mona sit next to him. And when he got his take home box, he asked Aunt Mona to write his name on it - she did it with great flair and style and he was fascinated. Then we went back to play (and visit) at Grandma's house. We had a great time and it was good to see them again. They had combined this visit with a business trip for Uncle Roger and they may be back in January.

Monday - Karate again for Parker. He continues to do well. They learned some new block moves with their arms and he followed through. They have started getting power stripes on their belt for attendance - one for every two classes attended. He just loves getting those and his karate dollars. And the job list continues to be a blessing for getting him to clean up his stuff at home.

Tuesday - While Daddy was at school again, we once again helped unload pumpkins at church. We were told that there would be 600 bulk pumpkins on the truck - we unloaded another 1,400! With less volunteers, our folks were out there for several hours, even after it was dark. Parker had a blast playing with his good buddy Aydenn some more. He is just convinced every time we drive up to church now that Aydenn will be there - "He's my friend Mommy! We have to play!"

Wednesday - We picked Parker up early from Angels and took him shopping for some new school shoes. His old ones were so dirty that even after washing them over the weekend his socks come out black after just being in his shoes. Not to mention the stink! That's what happens from playing in those dirt/mulch playgrounds at school. Of course, it should be no surprise that Parker picked out Lightning McQueen shoes. Instead of lighting up when he walks, the eyes across the strap glow in the dark.

Friday - Mommy had another doctor appointment and everything seems fine with Wesley. In fact Mommy has been having some contractions (although not regular) and is even dilated 2 cm. Parker also went to the doctor - he had coughed so bad the night before that no one in our house got much sleep - not even the cats! Turns out just a bad cold so we've been dosing him up on Tylenol and cough medicine and put the humidifier in his room again. Daddy also left Friday night for the Men's Retreat weekend with Grandaddy in Leesburg. This is an annual thing they've done most every year since Daddy was 16. The guest speakers this weekend were our former pastor Phillip Short and his dad Riley Short (Riley was Daryl's preaching professor last spring at seminary).

Saturday - Mommy and Parker stopped by the church to say Hi. There was a sale of items from the Noah's Landing Childcare going on as well as our Pumpkin Patch. We ended up spending a couple of hours there visiting and having fun because Aydenn and his family were there. Aydenn's dad Errick was driving the kids around for the hayrides. Parker and Mommy went on the hayride with Aydenn and his mom Stacee and baby sister Emma. We all enjoyed ourselves - and Emma slept through her very first hayride! The boys also bobbed for apples and ran over the bridge and through the pumpkins. The daycare sale went well and the Pumpkin Patch is doing awesome! We've already surpassed sales from last year and broke another record today - over $10,000 in gross pumpkin sales. That means our percentage of profit went up - the church has been doing Pumpkin Patch for 20 years and this is our best season yet!

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