Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What's Fun for a 4 Year Old?

Last night Mommy had to go to a meeting at church and she took Wesley with her so Daddy wouldn't have to get up to take care of him. But she left Parker at home because he would have been bored at the meeting and so he could help bring Daddy things. Parker was a little upset at the idea of being left home. So Mommy promised him that she would do something fun with Parker when she got home - whatever he wanted to do. She was envisioning playdoh or coloring or trains or even a bike ride around the neighborhood. Know what Parker wanted to do? Something for his brother. He wanted to put together Wesley's exersaucer.

Daddy had gotten Parker's old exersaucer down from the attic over the weekend but since he wasn't feeling well it hadn't gotten cleaned up and made it in the house from the garage. Parker had seen it out there and knew it was for Wesley and desperately wanted to bring it inside for his brother. So when Mommy got home, Parker helped her clean it up and put the toys back in, plus some new toys (blue stackup and fish) that Parker had helped pick out on a trip to Babies R Us months ago.

Wesley wasn't quite sure about all this after he got in the exersaucer. But then he spotted the big purple dinosaur and just got this look of determination on his face as he tried to get his hands up there to play with it. He likes to be in the exersaucer for short bursts right now 5-10 minutes and drools all over everything. Here's some pictures of today's excitement in the exersaucer, thanks to Parker!

PS on the rest of the family:
1) Wesley still doing great but sleeping still an issue!
2) Parker feeling well enough to go to school today and was very happy!
3) Daddy went to the dr and got some antibiotics for his sinus infection.
4) Mommy doing pre-op stuff for surgery on Friday morning.

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