Friday, April 4, 2008

Mommy Did Just GREAT!!

Well Mommy is the one who usually publishes the posts of our life's many events, but tonight you get to read from the fountain pen of Daddy. Mommy had her surgery today and according to the doctor she did great. Everything went according to plan and there were no complications or set backs. The only hitch was Mommy did not do as well on the anesthesia as most and it took her quite a while to come out it well enough for the nurses to feel comfortable sending her home. We got to the surgery center about 9am this morning and did not leave till after 3:30pm. (Of course I think some of the nurses just kept her there a little longer so they each could take turns coming out to see Wesley as he smiled at all of them! )

Both of the boys did a wonderful job being kept in such a confined space all day. Parker kept getting these little cookie packs from all the nurses which kept him in seventh heaven and all the attention Wesley got kept him in smiles most of the day.

Grandmommy was a huge help as she came and kept Daddy company and offered a hand corralling the boys. Thank you Grandmommy! Parker was so good in fact that he got a special treat to go and spend tonight with Grandmommy and Granddaddy. (That is a special treat for Daddy too).

We also want to thank everyone who called and prayed for Mommy today as we greatly appreciated all of those kinds words and sentiments. Mommy's church also had a few people come by and bring gifts and one member even brought by dinner for tonight.

So tonight Daddy will do his best to take care of Mommy and Wesley and while Mommy is a little sore, she did a wonderful job today and her guys are very proud of her!

P.S. There is no picture for this post as Mommy would probably kill Daddy....he he he

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