Thursday, April 3, 2008

This Little Piggy

Remember the old rhyme?
This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy went home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none,
And this little piggy cried wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

Parker loves it when he and Mommy play this game with Wesley's toes. But Parker has his own version that he plays with Wesley's toes. It involves two different verses - one for each foot. On one foot each of the little piggies eat something different: roast beef, peanuts, mashed potatoes, ice cream, pudding. And on the other foot each of the little piggies go to visit different stores:
Winn Dixie, Walmart, Target, the auto-store (AutoZone) and the other auto-store (Allied). What's not to love here?

Latest Health Update:
1) Daddy - doing a little better today, although still pretty wiped out
2) Parker - feeling better although with this ear infection he's having trouble hearing us sometimes
3) Wesley - still doing great
4) Mommy - goes in for surgery at 9:45am tomorrow

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