Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Miss Jessica

Miss Jessica came to babysit the boys today while Mommy did pre-marital counseling with a couple at church. Miss Jessica is a sophomore in college and is one of the girls from church. She used to babysit Parker a lot (before she started dating!). Miss Jessica was also one of Parker's teachers when he was in daycare at our church. She is getting married later this month (May 25) and Parker is going to be the ringbearer in her wedding.

The boys had a lot of fun playing with Miss Jessica today. Wesley even crashed out and fell asleep with her for a little bit. Here's a picture of them together on the couch that Mommy took when she got home.

When we went to walk Miss Jessica outside to her truck, the neighbor's sprinklers came on. Parker asked if he could run through them and he had a blast for probably about 15 minutes getting absolutely drenched! Miss Jessica stuck around for a while to hold Wesley while Mommy got the camera and got some good pictures of Parker being silly with the water!

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