Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

So today was Mommy's birthday - the big 32! She had a really great day of celebrating. It started out with a wonderful surprise party at church this morning with a bunch of good church friends and Daddy and Wesley were able to make it also.

Here's Shirley Clem with Larry Bobb and Pat Williams.

Here's Jinny with David, Sue Peak, Wendy Bath and Donna Munsen.

Mommy with Rael.

The entire Reveron family came too!

Sue Peak brought a wonderful cake and some low-fat ice cream to add to the celebration!

Many thanks to everyone who came - the cards and well wishes and presents were very sweet and generous.

Then several people hung around helping out in the office for several hours and we ended up going out to Subway for lunch and just continuing to enjoy the time to visit. Many thanks to Shirley Clem for my birthday lunch as well as my cookie celebration at Bible Study as well!

Daddy and the boys presented Mommy with a great card that plays "We Will Rock You." Mommy was especially touched because cards really aren't Daddy's thing. And then they gave her a copy of Season 1 of Army Wives on DVD, which is one of Mommy's favorite new shows.

Another special treat for Mommy on her birthday was to get to go over to karate camp and watch Parker break a board (Daddy and Rael came over also to cheer him on). The kids got to learn how to use all different kinds of karate weapons and also did a board breaking. While it took him a little bit, Parker hung right in there and was able to again break a board!

And then at the end of camp today, the kids put on a small demonstration for the parents which was very cute.

Finally, after getting home from Bible Study, we took Parker for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Later he was so happy he wanted to snuggle up in the big chair in the living room with Mommy and Wesley. A great way to end a wonderful birthday...

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