Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Miscellaneous and Doctor Fun

A few things have happened over the last few days that have gotten lost in the blog with reflecting on Mommy's ordination and Wesley's baptism. Sunday afternoon after the party at church, Miss Rael and her mom Leslie followed us home for a while. They had watched the cats while we were away at Annual Conference and needed to give back our keys and garage door opener. Leslie got to hold the baby and Rael and Parker decided to play dominoes. They had lots of fun!
Then Sunday night, we went to another one of Miss Rael's basketball games. This time it wasn't for school but a community fastbreak league. She did really well scoring several baskets, but they suffered a heart-breaking two-point loss in overtime. Parker loves to watch basketball and Wesley doesn't seem fazed by anything that happens. Rael took Parker out on the court after the game and he got to run around and try to shoot some baskets.

Monday was "Buddy Day" at karate. All the kids could bring a friend for free to try class out for the night. Parker wanted to bring Aydenn along and he did come with his mom. However Aydenn decided he would rather watch than participate. He still managed to sneak in a few karate punches while sitting on his mom's lap! There were six other "buddies" that showed up so class was pretty full. It was nice to see all of the kids there with their friends and see everyone have so much fun.

And then today's big news was that we started the boys with a new pediatrician. We've had some differences lately with our old pediatric practice and just really don't feel comfortable there anymore. When we asked around about a new pediatrician, several people (including Aydenn and Emma's parents) recommended Dr. Dwyer at North Pinellas Children's Medical Center.
Thankfully Dr. Dwyer accepts our insurance and has an office at New Port Richey. The best thing about this practice is that between the four offices they are open on Saturdays and Sundays for sick visits, so no need for urgent care or ER visits on weekends. Wesley needed his 6-month checkup today and we decided to take Parker along so he could meet the new doctor before he gets sick and has to go. Dr. Dwyer took a lot of time with us and made us feel very at ease. Parker loved it because he got two plastic dinosaurs and a bouncy ball and it wasn't even his visit! Wesley got three shots and an oral vaccine and has done really well today - no fever, very little fussing. We also found out that he is growing by leaps and bounds. Wesley's height was off their curve chart - 29.75 inches tall, which is a gain of 2.75 inches in 2 months! He weighed in at 17.3 lbs which was a gain of 1 lb 13 oz in 2 months! He's still lagging behind Parker at this age by a pound, but is still ahead of Parker in height, by .75 of an inch.

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