Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wesley and His Baptism Outfit

When we were thinking about Wesley's baptism, we had originally hoped to have him wear the same baptism outfit that Parker wore at his baptism. However, since Parker was baptized at 5 weeks old and Wesley was baptized at 6 months old, the outfit did not fit our Wesley boy. So last week we went back to Dillard's and purchased an outfit in Wesley's size that is very similar in style to Parker's. Also used in the picture here is a beautiful handmade blanket which was a baby gift at Parker's shower from Katherine DeVol, a lovely woman in her 90s who had been a member of our church at Tice and has since gone home to be with Jesus.

So last night, Mommy and Wesley had a photo shoot in the living room. They were out to capture some pictures of Wesley in his baptismal outfit. We wanted at least one good picture of Wesley wearing the outfit that we can put inside the shadowbox with his outfit, as we have done with Parker. It took 52 shots, but we did get a few good pictures. Definitely much more challenging to photograph an active 6 month old, rather than a sleepy 5 week old.

And finally, here's the shot we were really trying to get of Wesley

to compare to Parker in his baptism outfit

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