Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wesley's 7 Month Birthday

Today we say Happy 7 Month Birthday to Wesley (or Wes-e-ley as Parker calls him!)

This little guy is so much fun and so happy. He loves to smile and laugh. Lately we've been working on clapping and waving bye-bye which he does a pretty fair job. Wesley loves toys - really anything that looks the least bit interesting he will try and grab for and move around to get at it.

Here's Mr. Adventure himself, rolling around on the floor (this is under Daddy's futon in the office). He can definitely get around a room in no time flat. He does not seem to like crawling (mostly because he refuses to lift up his head and gives himself rug burn on his face)

And we're also celebrating Wesley's two teeth. This picture of him all conked out sleeping was the only way we were ever going to be able to show them to you!

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