Thursday, July 17, 2008

VBS - Day Four

We hit a wall last night. VBS has been lots of fun, but it has been very tiring also. This was the scene last night shortly after dinner.....

It was still slow going at our house this morning, but we did manage to make it on time today and find green for everyone to wear.

Our theme today was "Be Bold" and the Bible story was the woman who touched Jesus' cloak and was healed. Daddy did a good job of telling the story from the perspective of one of the woman's friends who was so happy about what Jesus had done for her.

Today Emma came to hang out at VBS with Wesley and they had fun playing in the wagon together and later in the church nursery.

Wesley even got a little snooze in.

After VBS today, Aydenn again got to come over to our house to play and the boys had a great time, mostly on the back porch (or wonderland of toys) and in Parker's room. In fact, they emptied out Parker's toy box entirely because, in their words, "it was full of junk!" Parker just wouldn't let us throw any of the junk away.

And then later this evening, we decided that Daddy and Parker needed haircuts before our beach vacation. Poor Parker's hair is soaked with sweat after just ten minutes outside lately. So Daddy cut his hair with the trimmers and then Mommy cut Daddy's hair with the trimmers.

Here's Parker before:

Here's all the missing hair on the shower floor:

And here's the final product (you have to ignore the big bruise on his forehead from running straight into the edge of the bathroom door!)

And here's both the guys sporting their new haircuts:

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