Wednesday, July 16, 2008

VBS - Day Three

Our third day at VBS went pretty well. Our theme today was "Be Forgiving" and the Bible story was the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant that Jesus told when Peter asked him how many times to forgive people. Daddy got to play Peter and relate the story to the children. And we had fun with the Gideons making an appearance to give out New Testaments to all the children.

We were able to get some pictures from Miss Wendy today that we wanted to share with you. First is Daddy as Gideon wearing his Gator colors.

This is Mommy doing morning assembly. She talks to the puppet, Flame the Flamingo, who lives in the Surf Shack on the beach. Her good friend Stacee plays the part of Flame.

And here's Parker posing with the surfboard. They used pictures of the kids like this for one of their craft projects this week.

Then after VBS today, Aydenn came over to our house to play. The boys had dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunch (which was a big hit) and then proceeded to pull out and play with just about every single toy that Parker owns, while simultaneously watching the CARS movie on DVD. They had a blast. Again, Parker crashed out hard on the couch after Aydenn left - apparently VBS plus hanging out with his best buddy in the afternoon just wear him out!

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