Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VBS - Day Two

The fun continued today at VBS. Our theme today was "Be Kind" and our Bible story was about David and Mephibosheth - this is one of Mommy's favorite stories about grace in the Bible, but no one else could pronounce his name today! Daddy got to play Mephibosheth and limp his way onto the set.

Wesley spent some time today hanging out in the office. Here's Mr. Smiles hamming it for his adoring fans.

Once again Parker got to go to Aydenn's house for playtime after VBS. The boys really enjoyed themselves. When Mommy and Wesley went to pick up Parker, the boys decided to show off some of the games that they had played. They took turns pushing each other in the box they turned into a boat.....

And later took turns throwing the inflatable airplane from the loft upstairs and catching it.

Here's the boys resting for a minute in the chair together with some toys.

Wesley and Emma even got a little time to hang out. However, by this time Wesley was way off his sleep schedule and a little grumpy.

Parker was so exhausted when we got home that he curled up in the chair and was asleep in 15 minutes. He slept so hard and sound that he missed dinner! Don't worry we did feed him later!

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