Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Search For a Halloween Costume

Parker decided that this year for Halloween he wanted to be Darth Vader and there was just no budging him. So we spent all afternoon Monday running all over Pasco County trying to find a Darth Vader costume in his size with no luck. We were also looking for costumes in the Star Wars genre that could go along for Mommy and Daddy and Wesley - no luck. After mentioning something at church on Tuesday with Grady who plays our scarecrow in the Patch for school groups, we learned that there was a Darth Vader costume on sale out in the Patch that used to be his son's - for $5! Couldn't believe it! Also he was willing to loan us his ObiWan Kenobi costume for Daddy. So then it was off to find a Princess Leia wig for Mommy and some kind of costume for Wesley. We finally found a bear costume and with a little scrap of fabric, Wesley is going to be an Ewok! Now we can all be themed together for Trunk N Treat.

Parker is absolutely thrilled with his costume and is constantly playing Darth Vader with his mask and trying to do the voice.

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