Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mr. Personality

Monday, there was no VPK in Pasco County. But we still had to stop by Kids At The Point in the afternoon because it was time to visit the Scholastic Book Fair at school with Parker (got two cool first reader books) and also time to pickup his school pictures. We had pleaded with him not to do goofy smiles before sending him to school on picture day and he promised he had given his best smiles. And wow did he turn on the charm!

He really is enjoying Kids At The Point and we are so glad. Today when Mommy dropped off Parker, she walked up to the playground gate and heard a little girl say to Parker: "Your brother is already here." Parker looked confused, since we had left Wesley at home with Daddy. But it wasn't his "brother" - it was his friends from Angels - Justus and Danny both are now attending Kids At The Point and both are in Parker's class! They were all so excited to be reunited today and Justus jumped off a very high piece of playground equipment to come running over and talk to Parker when he showed up. To add even more excitement to the day, it was Danny's birthday and he had special treat bags and snacks for everyone!

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