Monday, December 1, 2008

Karate Star

At the end of karate class tonight, Sensei Tony announced the Karate Kid for the month of December. This is something they've been doing for the last several months and have been alternating between a kid from Parker's class and a kid from the big kids class. Parker was selected as the Karate Kid for the month of December!!! He was so excited about it too! He got a special certificate to keep and his picture will be put up on the board for the whole month. He also got to fill out a little questionnaire about his favorite things that will be posted up on the board as well. Some insight into his form? His favorite part of karate is the frog jumps at the beginning of class. He wants to be a Rays ballplayer when he grows up so that Mommy and Daddy can watch him on the tv.

And then after class, Parker got to test for his Sr. Yellow Belt. He had to recite all six of his dragon codes and then go through a series of punches and kicks. These are more complicated, with several steps each, but Parker managed to do everything.

And when it was over, Parker lined up with all his instructors and bowed and then Sensei Tony put his new yellow belt on for him. Parker was riding so high in excitement he could hardly contain himself.

So we're very proud of our new karate star around here! Congratulations Parker!

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