Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catching Up

Thankfully, Wesley is doing great and seems to have no lasting side effects from his interesting day on Thursday. He slept all night and woke up all happy and smiling, even if it was at 5:30am on Friday morning. This was him tonight at dinner - creating quite the masterpiece of art with his stuffing and green beans!

Friday morning the rest of us also got up early so that we could take the cats to the vet in Brooksville. Let's just say that they were less than thrilled about getting in their cat cages and Mommy has a few scrapes on her hands from where Mary protested. To add insult to injury, Mary and Joe spent the 30 minute trip in the car to the vet howling at the top of their lungs like an echo - first one and then the other! At the dropoff, we learned that our furry friends would need to spend two nights at the vet because of their weight (over 10 lbs). So we'll pick them up on Sunday morning. For the next week until we move they have to have special litter and must be locked up in one room of our house to limit their movements and let those paws heal.

Yesterday and today we tried to check a bunch of stuff of our to-do list for moving. While Mommy packed inside, Daddy mowed and edged the yard, weeded all of our flowerbeds, trimmed the palm tree, cleaned out all of the gutters and finished the trim painting on the house on the south and east walls. You know the trim painting we started back in 2007 when the house was painted and never finished? We still have quite a ways to go - while we have stuff packed up from every room, no room besides Daddy's office is anywhere near finished yet. It's just so hard to pack with the munchkins under foot.

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