Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beach Wrap Up

These first few pictures are from Grandmommy and Granddaddy's apartment and show the boys hanging out and reading one night.

Thursday was another nice beach day. Granddaddy and Daddy went for another long walk and Grandmommy and Mommy spent lots of time with the boys on the sand and in the water. Very relaxing! Then later we headed up to the pool for lots of splashing and jumping.

In the evening, Aunt Jani and Sam made their way down. We ended up all going out to Sonny's for dinner.

Friday was pretty much a repeat of Thursday except with Aunt Jani and Sam down at the beach with us. The weather was fine but there were still hardly any people out there. One of the boys' favorite times out on the beach is snacktime and here they were enjoying themselves.

Lots of people have remarked on our new sunshades for the chairs this year. We picked these up at the Strawberry Festival in February for $20 a piece. They are called "Undercover Sunshade" and we could have made a fortune this week selling them if we had stocked up!

Friday night we closed out our time together by heading into town for dinner and ice cream at Friendly's. This was Parker's "build-your-own sundae" that came with his kids' meal!

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