Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kindergarten Day Two

Thank goodness, day two was as much of a success as day one!! Parker is really enjoying school and we couldn't be more thankful!! Our big boy was full of stories and information today on the walk home. There are now 24 kids in Parker's class (and they may be switching some kids around and adding a fifth kindergarten class in the next couple of weeks). He has a friend named Roberto who has a Spiderman lunchbox. Parker does like bringing his lunch to school because he can go ahead and sit at the table and not have to go through the lunchline. But the food in the lunchline does look good and he might like to try it sometime! He used the bathroom in his classroom two times (aren't you glad to know!). There was one little girl who fell asleep in class today, and a couple of kids who had to be put in time out. But because he had good behavior today, Parker got to play computer games! Mrs. Robles has a great system for behavior - an apple tree with every child's name on an apple. Bad behavior moves your apple down and even off the tree. But if your apple is still on at the end of the day, you get to pick a free choice activity for 15 minutes at the end of the day. And if your apple stays on the tree all week long, on Friday you get to pick something special out of the treasure box. That's all the motivation Mr. Parker needs! Parker was also quick to tell us that we had homework tonight as parents - we had to check his take-home folder, read the class newsletter for the week, and initial his homework sheet.

Then tonight after an early dinner, Mommy and Daddy had to head back out for church stuff. Mommy went to the board meeting for Wesley's preschool at First Ocala and Daddy went to teach Bible study. We struggled this week to find a babysitter - most of the teenagers and adults at Belleview were tied up with rehearsals and small groups at church and Daddy has 1/3 of his congregation attending his Bible study! But in a twist that only God can work out, we ended up with a great babysitter. Miss Kelly actually works at Parker's school as an aide while going back to school herself. Until this year she'd spent four years helping out in the kindergarten classes but now she's working with the ESE kids. When Mommy came home they were all cuddled up on the couch reading books together.

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