Friday, August 28, 2009

Superhero Helpers

Tonight the boys used paper from a shipping box to make superhero capes and run around the house. So adorable!

And then later those superheroes turned into laundry helpers. They were fighting over who got to use the stool to put their laundry in the washing machine. So eventually Mommy turned over another laundry basket to use as a stool so they could share. We're taking advantage of this while we can because we know laundry won't always seem so cool!

Also in our house Wesley turned twenty-one months old today! Hard to believe how fast the time is flying by. So here's a few fun facts about Wesley:
1) He's still working on potty training and is doing really well.
2) He's doing so well at daycare that he will probably move up to the two year old room next month instead of waiting until December.
3) Can point to his body parts when you name them.
4) Can point to colors and baby animals when you name them.
5) Still hates to wear shoes and socks and takes them off at the first opportunity; but he also loves to put them away.
6) Has the hardest time staying in bed at night.
7) Loves to help unload the dishwasher
8) Sometimes gets so excited to get in the bathtub that he forgets to take all of his clothes off.
9) Doesn't wait for you to get him juice - will just bring the cup along with the gallon milk jug to wherever you are in the house.
10) Doesn't like to be cooped up in the house a lot and will often start bringing everyone's sandals out so we can put them on and go somewhere!

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