Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Fun

Sunday we had some family come to town - Grandmommy, Granddaddy, Grannie and Miss Joan. They came for worship at Daddy's church and then afterwards, we had lunch back together at the house. Grandmommy had brought all the fixin's for spaghetti and bread, Grannie made the salad and Miss Joan made brownies for dessert. The afternoon was spent visiting and playing.

Grandmommy spent some time reading with the boys.......

And after reading "Hop on Pop" with Grannie, Parker spent some time quizzing Grannie and Grandmommy both about the words in his book. He acted like a real game show host!

Later on, Grandaddy and Daddy did some touring around the historic district of Ocala, while all the ladies and the little boys did some shopping. We picked up some ice cream and headed back to the house for a little snack. We had a wonderful day of food and fun together!

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