Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

The pumpkins arrived at Daddy's church on Tuesday afternoon. An entire semi truck full of gourds, small pumpkins and over 3,000 big bulk pumpkins. For the last few years, the Head Pumpkin Man Roy has arranged for the Forest High School Air Force ROTC to come out and unload the truck. Their unit has around 125 kids and they brought out 45 to unload the truck - there were another 25 folks from the church who showed up to help too!

They swept all the hay out of the truck onto the tarp and then some of the boys had fun jumping off the truck into the hay! They deserved it - the previous ROTC record was last year's unloading at 1 hour 36 minutes. This year they beat that with 1 hour 18 minutes!

Scenes from around the patch - the barnyard reading circle.

The supervisors resting in the shade.

Playing on the playground.

Setting up the gourds and the mini pumpkins.

Also some local recording artists, Robin and the Giant, came out to the Patch and took some pictures on Tuesday. Several years ago, they recorded a song about the Druid Hills Pumpkin Patch. Check out the video below - there is a picture of Parker in there as well as one of Parker and Mommy setting up the minis.

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